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​We operate at the intersection of consulting, policy making, and content creation

Portico Global:
Creative Economy Specialists

Portico Global is a boutique advisory firm that specializes in the creative and cultural industries (CCI).  We are committed to harnessing the power of human creativity and crafting solutions that deliver socio-economic impact for our partners and clients.  


We are senior advisors to governments, international organizations, multinational corporations, and start-ups that operate within the creative and cultural industries (CCI) – from arts and culture to media and entertainment, and from tourism to sports and wellness.  


Passionately committed to the growth of creative and culture industries worldwide, Portico Global’s work with its partners goes beyond advisory and consultancy, to curation and implementation support as well. 

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Because Creativity is the New Global Currency

Human creativity lies at the heart of innovation, technological development as well as happiness.  Creative and cultural industries (CCI) are a direct contributor to economic diversification, skills development, job, and wealth creation, as well as an enhancement of happiness and overall quality of life for societies.  

The world’s most forward-looking people and places understand that creativity is core to global relevance and sustainability. Portico Global helps governments and businesses foster growth within creative and cultural industries and truly make an socio-economic impact.

We enhance profiles of countries and cities globally, by growing their tourism appeal and developing their creative and cultural industries. We are destination makers – we tap into what makes a place unique and elevate it for today’s discerning global travelers and dwellers.

We are subject matter experts in fast-growing, creative, culture and tourism related industries that are key to the global economy


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Wellness & Sports

Creative and Cultural Industry (CCI) Development Advisory

At Portico Global, we are committed to helping governments and communities foster growth in their cultural and creative industries.  We help our clients develop comprehensive CCI ecosystems to deliver socio-economic systems – from policy formulation to skills development programs, and from funding initiatives to small-business development strategies.

Management Consultancy

We work with multinational corporations, small-medium businesses as well as innovative entrepreneurs to enhance their standing in the creative and cultural industries, via business development strategies, market-entry consulting, and support for innovation.

Content Creation and Storytelling

Mindful of the fact that in a “flat” world, cultures and destinations are becoming invisibilized by both market forces and hegemonic narratives, we work with communities to enable them to engage in storytelling that furthers their cultural authenticity.  

Destination Development

In a post-pandemic world, as travel becomes a possibility once again, we realize that people are looking to avoid consumptive tourism and seek out unique, sustainable ways to travel and explore other cultures.  Portico Global works with governments and organizations to harness their own culture and creative potential to transform locations to destinations and experiences.

Program Curation and Management

We support government entities and private sector organizations in the creative and culture industries further their missions by curating and delivering bespoke events such as seminars and festivals.  We help our partners with event conceptualization, production and management.

We Tailor Lasting Solutions

Expertise that Counts

We have deep, insightful industry expertise, which is often elusive in typical consulting firms. As a result, we provide incredible value to our clients. Our work is tailored to each client's unique needs.

Informed Decisions

We have been the client and have engaged advisors ourselves, so this informs everything we do. While our work is rooted in robust research and analytical rigor, our solutions take into account feasibility.

Diverse Perspectives

We come from a variety of personal and professional backgrounds, so our perspectives are deep and broad. We have global experience in both developed and developing markets.

Practical Solutions

We don’t stop at strategy. We implement those strategies ourselves, so all our work is practical. We also foresee and account for changes with time, so our plans remain sustainable for our clients.

We have crafted strategies and implemented innovative initiatives for multi-national corporations, startups, and government and public entities around the world


Meet The Team

We are a multi-lingual team of industry and policy experts from around the world with complementary sector and functional experiences.


Mohamed Bendjebbour

Expertise: Program Management and Curation, Government Relations, Strategy and Policy
Industries: Culture and Creative Industries (CCI), Government

Mohamed is a leading expert on the export of culture and media. As a French Cultural Attaché, Mohamed led the French Audiovisual Office in Hollywood, Bollywood and throughout the GCC. As Chief Marketing Officer for Parc de la Villette in Paris, France’s largest multidisciplinary cultural venue, he established partnerships with iconic institutions including Le Louvre and Le Centre Pompidou. Mohamed has been awarded the prestigious Chevalier De L’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres (Knight in the Order of the Arts and Letters). 


Expertise: Project Management, Business Excellence and Quality, Innovation
Industries: Film and TV

Fiona is an accomplished project manager with a proven track record of delivering transformative solutions for both government and private sector entities. Previous experiences include Project Officer at Etihad Airways and Project Manager for the Dubai Film and TV Commission where she oversaw the automation of its film permitting services. Fiona began her career in television at Ginger TV, and moved to feature films, where she worked on international studio pictures (Green Zone, Clash of the Titans) and indie UK productions (The King’s Speech, The Iron Lady). 


Fiona Garland


Expertise: IP Law, Film and TV Finance, Content Production
Industries: Culture and Creative Industries (CCI), Digital Media and Tech

Philip is a Hollywood-based lawyer and agent specializing in global transactions involving media and content production. He founded and sold Contend, a branded content company known for its proprietary data insights technology. Previously, he was a Partner at Baker McKenzie in London, where he focused on entertainment and IP law. He was also an agent with William Morris Endeavor in Los Angeles, where he managed some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Phil has produced numerous films and TV series and has won an Emmy Award. 


Lori Vessali

Expertise: Marketing, Strategy and Policy, Destination Development, Place-Making
Industries: Tourism, Gaming

Lori is an expert in marketing and tourism, advising Fortune 500 companies globally. Her clients include Electronic Arts (makers of EA FIFA, EA Star Wars and Battlefield), American Express and Dubai Tourism.  Lori works at the most strategic levels of organizations, redesigning brand strategy processes for the C-Suite (Electronic Arts) and building capacity for Ministers (Market Insights for Dubai Tourism). Lori holds a M.B.A from the U.C. Berkeley Haas School of Business and is a trained moderator and facilitator.  

Phil Alberstat


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